So one of my pet peeves is text lingo.  I understand the original purpose, I do, but our cell phone plans are no longer stuck in the twitter world of limited characters.  We have advanced past T9.  We have full keyboards and talk to text.  We can type to our hearts’ content.  I know the original intention was to save time, but new shorthand pops up everyday.  How can stay on top of all that?

Anytime I get lingo that I can’t decode, it takes me more time to figure it out.  I either have to open a new window and search what TKMOINT means or I send a message back to the sender asking them to translate for me, thereby wasting more time that if the original message had just been typed out in the first place.

I know it’s important to lingo so you can know what your kids are saying (or plotting) behind your back and since I work with teenagers and will have teenagers in a few short years, I will continue to try to keep up, but I’m not going to ever like it!

Here are two reasons for my dislike…

1.  It looks and feels lazy.  You are already texting me.  You don’t have to initiate a phone call, suffer through my small talk, get stuck listening to a long, drawn out story about something in my life that you don’t care about anyway, and now you can’t write me a sentence?

2.  It’s so over used.  I had one friend who would end every text with LOL.  Aghhh!   You are not laughing out loud.  You can’t possibly be.  “What’s Up” is not that funny….ever.

Having said all of that, I have found one situation where even I, a text shorthand hater, would actually to use one of those acronyms…

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….still funny every time I read it!



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