Welcome to Hell…I hope you brought sunscreen

Welcome to day number 857 of the heat wave of 2012.

What in the world is going on with the thermostat of this country?  I mean look at the forecast for the upcoming week.

Now I don’t want to get to deep and spiritual on anyone, but this endless heat wave, the nation wide drought, and the state to state out of control wildfires make me think that someone, hint, hint, the man upstairs, is trying to send us a message.  I wish I could decode it already, because this is unbearable.

Now, I am your typical sun worshipper.  As a teenager, I would slather myself with vegetable oil, Crisco to be exact.  I figured, if it could fry chicken, it could fry me!  Bad logic.  My oil drenched, dripping body ruined the wood finish on my parents deck.  If the sun was out, no matter the temperature, it was tanning time in my world.  More bad logic.  My parents declared it needed to be at least 60 degrees before I could go out.  Boo!

Despite all the warnings from the media and my Dermatologist cousin about the ‘dangers’ from the sun, I’m still out there every summer getting my bronze on.  After all, Vitamin D comes from the sun and Vitamin D is necessary to our survival, therefore tanning is necessary for survival…right?  (Hey, I took philosophy in college, it could be correct.)

But as the old saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing.  I was still getting more sun than I should and too many sun burns.  In my head, I knew that my sun time is not healthy and that I should curtail it, but the allure of that ‘healthy tanned’ look continued to win out.   I would love to say that reason and knowledge put me over the edge, but it was pure vanity.  Recently, I noticed discolored spots on my skin.  Sun damage in the flesh!

So I did what any reasonable and fashion conscious gal would do.  I went out and bought this cute hat!

You didn’t think I was really going to quit going outside, did you?  I’m still out, enjoying the heat when I can, but now, I’ve got my sunscreen on and this diva creating number to keep me safe!


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