Tax Season

Lazy Summer Sundays….Doesn’t that sound nice?  Well I tried my hand at having one yesterday.

After sleeping in.  (Don’t be jealous.  Sleeping in is 7 am for me.)   I had coffee on the porch with my book for an hour, then came in to watch CBS Sunday Morning.  I love that show.  Once the family was up, we had breakfast and headed off to the farmer’s market.

After surviving the heat of the market, I dropped the family off and went out for a little solo shopping.  Now, I haven’t been out just window shopping for myself in a while.  At the first store, found a skirt I’ve been looking for…score!  Then I went to the mecca of my happiness…the bookstore.  I wandered the aisles, back and forth, lazily looking for nothing.  And still I found something I couldn’t live without.  What do you think?

Upon arriving home, I decided it was high time for a long, pampering bath.  I was sitting in my bubbly bliss, hair coated in conditioner, face covered in an apricot scrub, slathering homemade ‘satin hands’ on my hopelessly dry feet when my daughter barges  into the bathroom, takes one look at me, and says…

“What are you doing???”

My reply….”Our taxes.”

I think I may have pressed my luck on the me time for the day!


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