The 90s called….

And they are really pissed at me that I’ve been hoarding all the scrunchies!

In the never-ending world of the Soby House remodeling series, we have now moved on to the master bathroom.  The original intention was to just change out the vanity.

Beauty isn’t it!  Wonder why we want to change it!

Well, once we ripped out the vanity, a leak was found in the wall, so can you guess what happened next?  Yes, that’s right, I lost all the existing tiles and tore yet another room down to the studs.

At least we saved the toilet, but I don’t think I’m going to use it yet…

Two hard weeks of work yet again from my father-in-law and today he’s putting on the finishing touches.

It’s not quite done, but it’s far enough along that I was able to load up the new drawers with all my “stuff.”  As I was going through my old make-up and sample size beauty products, I came across the mother load…

Apparently I am the keeper of all the scrunchies from the 90s!  I mean look at these things.  I can not even remember the last time I actually wore one of these, but I owe more scrunchies than hair follicles.  There was even two packages of unopened scrunchies in there courtesy of my mom and Christmas.  In mom’s world, scrunchies are always a good stocking stuffer.

So I did what any reasonable lady would do…I gave them a drawer!  How could I part with all this awesomeness and, anyway, they might come back into style again.  It could happen.



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