The wrong side of karma

I keep seeing these repeated posts about people waiting for karma to come around and get back at someone with whom they are upset, who they feel they have been wronged by.  Full disclosure, I have had thoughts like this of my own and may or may not have made a similar post in the past.  When I saw such karma postings, I used to give a little giggle and would say to myself, “That’s right Betty (names have been changed to protect the innocent)!  They will get what’s coming to them!”

But I have recently seen, what I call, the wrong side of karma.  The side where the person who is wishing and waiting for karma to get their enemy is actually wrong, whether in actions and words, and is wishing a karma retribution that is ill-advised.

I have come to realize that these ‘wrong side of karma’ wishers are usually ‘my way or the highway’ types of people who then, when they don’t get their way, start calling on karma.  Well who’s to say that the fact they didn’t get their way and are now throwing a temper tantrum isn’t karma’s way of trying to smack them in the face for being so selfish, self-centered, or unwilling to compromise?



  1. I often hope karma is real and I’ll be around to see it happen, but I don’t really believe in it. And when things go wrong in my life I wonder is this karma? Am I being paid back for “insert numerous times where I have been an out of control b***h”? That is when I am hoping karma isn’t real.
    But whether there is some sort of tit for tat thing happening I just try to live my life and treat others as I would hope they would treat me if the situation were reversed.

  2. My kids often will act like little jackasses, then they will run away laughing at their own stupidity only to step on something that hurts, trip and fall, stub their toe, etc… I always say, “see, God did that.”

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