Just when I thought I was looking good…

So I took a personal day from work today.  I didn’t really have a personal reason to not be there; I just have two weeks of the school year left and a day to burn.  Use it or lost it by the 23rd, so today it was.

Since I didn’t have any big plans, it became one of those “hmm, what can I cram in to not have to do later” days.  I started the day just getting some regular stuff checked of the list that I would have had to have crammed in after work if I wasn’t being all personal.  I worked out, went to the grocery store, stopped in at the post office to mail certified amended tax returns (don’t ask, I made a mess of it!), put away groceries, started laundry, cleaned out the cat box, and made a double batch of banana bread.  At this point your thinking I must have run out of time in my day, but no, it was only at 10:20 am.  (I think I have some super-human, Avengers style housework ability.  Basically, I’m a freak!)

Since I still had time to waste before the Young and the Restless started at 11, (Don’t judge, you know you watch something crappy yourself.  I LOVE that freakin’ show.  I have a problem.) I sat down to read for a while, well as much as I could between switching laundry and rescuing banana bread from the oven.

Part way through my stories, I decided to surprise my husband at work with lunch.  Before I packed up lunch for two and drove over to him, I went into the bathroom to make myself look pretty for him.  You know, freshen up my make up and hair, change my shirt, check how the deodorant is working, etc.  (Remember this, it will be important…)

I got to his work and surprised him.  We had a nice lunch in his office and actually got to talk for about an hour.  He even closed the door and only answered his phone once.  (Scored bonus points!)  On my way out, I visited with a few of his employees and students.

1 pm and back to errands.  Off I go to the pharmacy and back to the grocery store for the items for the BBQ.  (If you read the last blog, I decided I was being selfish and switched to supportive spouse by getting the supplies I know he won’t have time to get.  I’m so awesome, right?)

I rushed home to write an email for the business and fold and put away the clean, dry laundry.  As I put away the last clothes, the clock strikes 2:55 pm.  Perfect timing.  I can grab a handful of M & Ms before I jump in the truck to get the kids from school.

As I’m hooking my seat belt and backing out of my driveway, I look down and realize my zipper is down.  Quickly I think back to the last time I used the restroom.  Oh great!  My freshen up to look pretty for Peter time was actually the beginning of my peep show for the world.

I guess this gives a new meaning to Personal Day!


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