Really??? Again???

The toilet, the throne, the commode (I don’t get that one, but whatever.)  We all use it.  One needs only a two supplies to use the toilet; 1.  a toilet 2. toilet paper.  I know when I enter a bathroom, the toilet is always there.  If it wasn’t I certainly wouldn’t be dropping my drawers and squatting.  The toilet paper, unfortunately, is not always there. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS check for 2 before beginning numbers 1 or 2.  I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.  We’ve all have had it happen.   Rush in a public bathroom, squat before looking, and then frantically searched through a purse and pockets for something to use to finish the task at hand.  My children have not yet experienced this life changing lesson.

This is the scene at my house about five times a week.

Child (could be either one, they both are guilty) – MOOOOOMMMMM!!!!  Can you get me some toilet paper?????

Me – Really???  Again???  Didn’t you see the empty role when you walked in???

Child – No.

Me – Here.  And remember to flush!

Every time I close the door, shaking my head and thinking….. ‘How the hell was that role empty again?’



  1. I have a girl and two boys. The boys don’t always bother to put the seat up when they pee and they often have bad aim. My daughter doesn’t always look before she sits. So, she does a lot of screaming in the bathroom.

  2. ha! So usually I have major issues talking about bathroom stuff….don’t like to talk about it, think about, etc. As always I blame my mother. But! After having my son, and living with 2 men in the house….all I do is think about the amount of “usage” our bathroom gets. The are literally walking sewers sometimes. Totally feel your pain!

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