Spaghetti is the word

Who does this boy get these things from??

Last night we had the honor of attending our niece‘s baptism and then a dinner with family.  It was a beautiful event.  Everyone was looking very nice.  Our niece did the appropriate freak out when tilted upside down and rained on unexpectedly, followed by endless pictures afterword where said niece screamed her head off because she was done with the whole long-old-dress-getting-me-wet-with-my-clothes-on thing.

Next came the lovely family meal.  This was going rather uneventfully.  My moody, pre-teen daughter was being snippy at her brother but very pleasant to the rest of us.  My ‘look at me, look at me’ son was nicely playing catch in the yard with his cousin.  There was no fighting or bickering amongst the adults.  All was good.

We sat down to eat a delicious meal of salad, chicken, and spaghetti.  My son finished quickly and ran back outside to climb a tree to defend his base from the advancing enemy.  (I think this was pretend.  Imagination lives!)  He comes running inside, upset and rubbing his eye.  While hiding from the forces, he brushed the tree bark and got ‘yuck’ in his eye.  I take him in the bathroom to get it out and see the real problem isn’t the tree bark dust.  My son has spaghetti sauce from ear to ear, down the front of his shirt, on his collar and over his left shoulder.  OVER HIS LEFT SHOULDER!  Now I could accept this if he was one the two-year olds at the party.  But they did not look like this and he is 9.  I assist with the eye and then attempt to clean the sauce out of his clothing.  It’s a lost cause and I start mulling over how I will get this stain out.  Shaking my head, I send him on his way.

As I am sitting back down in front of my meal, my long hanging necklace drags through my spaghetti and, before I can catch it, smacks into my white shirt, dripping the familiar red sauce all down my front.

Oh, so this is where he gets it!


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