Boys will be…forever scraped and bruised

Sunday….  A day of rest….  A day of relaxation…. A day of bandaging and icing my boy is more like it!

My son is 9 and has one speed, lighting fast.  He also has no fear, a competitive spirit and a need for everyone to watch him.  Oh, and he’s a ladies man.  No seriously.  He is.  At 5, he had 18-year-old lifeguards crowding around him  and rushing over each other to pick him up at the pool.  Two years ago he announced to me that he had three girlfriends at school.  Two nights ago, while my husband and I were playing softball, he flirted his way into sharing a blanket and getting an arm wrapped around him by a pretty, blonde 26-year-old while sitting in the dugout.  And now, it’s the cute girl who lives across the circle.

Today he was at said cute girl’s house, bouncing on the trampoline in her backyard.  They were there for a few hours, him showing off his ‘mad skills’ and her, giggling over his every word.  He was displaying is ability to bounce around the whole circumference of the trampoline when, with one slip of the toe, his left foot fell through an opening and he scraped it from ankle to knee, leaving cuts and deep bruises along the way.  He comes home to show me the damage.

As I’m cleaning him up, this conversation ensues:

“Did it hurt?”

“Yes, a lot!”

“Did you cry?”

“No, I didn’t want to cry in front of Cali, so I just took a bunch of deep breaths.”

“Oh, so do you like Cali?”

“Yes.  She likes me too.  She calls me her spider monkey.  ‘Oh, my spider monkey!!’ ” (Huge grin on his face!)


So I clean the boy up and send him back out.  He gets on his RipStik and decides to spin circles around Cali and the other neighborhood kids.  If you are not familiar with a RipStik, it’s like a skateboard and snowboard mix, having on two wheels that spin and the ability for the board to flex in the center.  He twists and circles them, the whole time talking, smiling, and showing off.  The scrapes and bruises of the trampoline a distant memory.  He then decides to talk to the group, which is now behind him, as he skates forward.  I bet you can guess what happens next.  The front wheel catches the edge of the driveway and he flips of the board, hitting his butt then head on the ground.  Ouch!  I scooped him up and felt the instant goose egg.  Dr. Mommy time number two of the afternoon.  Back in the house for an ice pack and a lecture about how the helmet is only effective if actually worn ON his head.

As I send him out of the house this time, I watch from the window as he reclines back in a chair, resting on his ice pack and  while Cali places her chin on the chair’s arm rest to watch ‘her spider monkey.’

Scrapes, blood, bruises, goose eggs, ice packs, and goo-goo eyed girls…. Spider Monkey’s Mom is in for a long ride!


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