I want to be at that party!

So I go to the store and get my meat and toilet seat.  (Meat and toilet seat, that rhymes!)  Even when you go to the store for two things, you never leave with just two things.  Can anyone guess the third item that made it to the check out???  (Insert Jeopardy theme music here.)  If you said protractor you would be correct!   Protractor, meat, toilet seat…a winning combination.

As we were making our way to the checkout, I passed a set of shoppers who will, in my humble opinion, come a close second to me in ‘odd combinations at the register’ competition.  They had a cart filled with four cases of different beers, two bottles of wine, eight rolls of yarn and I watched them add a plastic table cloth.

I LOVE THIS!  Now, I might be jumping to conclusions here, but I believe they are having a party, either that or Thursday nights mean a different thing in their house.  I am dying to know what type of event they are throwing.  A drunken night of quarters and knitting?  Some new style bridal shower?  Something involving the phrase, ‘what happens at the yarn party, stays at the yarn party.’  The possibilities are endless!

So what’s your best guess what ensued that fine evening?




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