Ok, so I’m stealing that line from SNL, but it’s a good line. I know I usually blog about some incident or story from my life, and this is still from a life event, but it’s more of a complaint.

The school I work at and my kid’s school have different calendars, so I started spring break when I left work on Friday and my poor children have school until Wednesday. (If this was a vlog, you’d see me dancing right now!) This means I have a few days to get things done around the house and errands ran without them under foot. So I drop them off today at 7:45 and take off, hoping to make some quick stops and be home to enjoy a little TV, reading, blogging and napping. (You’re jealous, I know.) Hit the bank. Done. Drop off at the library. Done. Two more stops and I’m home and then I see it…the closed signs. Nothing throws off an obsessive, list making, Type A person than a closed store. Well, maybe a slow check out line, but…. Anyway….

REALLY? Who doesn’t open stores until 9 or 10 am??? I and other working people have few days off a year and need to get things before 9. And what about all those moms who do stay at home, but are never really at home, because they spend their lives in their cars. Don’t you think they need to get things done between school drop offs and naps times? Is it just me? I mean. I would love it if things were open at 7 am. That way on work days, I could squeeze in an errand before work instead of always trying to do it after work, school, and homework and before practice, dinner, and bedtime.

Ok, rant over. Now where did I put that nap at?


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