Play Ball!

So, I know, Dad’s traditionally play catch with their son’s and my husband is usually out in the yard catching/throwing/shooting something with the kids, but not today.  Today, mommy is on catch duty.  My seriously over worked husband is at this fourth video shoot of the week and will be out all day.  So, when the boy asked, “Mom, can we play catch?”  My response was absolutely!

A little background.  I LOVE sports, all sports.  I watch as much sports many men.  My favorite is football.  Don’t bother me on a Saturday or Sunday during football season.  And, don’t EVER call during a Packers game….ever.

Anyhoo, I’m pretty decent at catching and throwing a football.  I can make my share of basket in a pick up game.  I’m fairly aggressive in soccer.  Then there’s baseball.  I’m good at watching baseball.  I’ll go to a game any day.  Playing baseball is another story.  I can throw ok.  It will get there.  I’m deathly afraid of the ball hurdling at me…deathly afraid.

So on the beautiful 80 degree Saturday in Nebraska in March, my son asks me to be catcher so he can practice pitching.  He did great.  I did a lot of squat, miss the ball, stand, run, get the ball, run back, throw, squat and repeat.  I think I only actually catch on.  Then on to catch.  I excelled here.  Caught maybe half, got all mine to his glove!   Lastly, batting.  My pitching, well lets just say, leaves a lot to be desired.  I got there.  He had a number of foul tips.  We learned he can move REALLY fast to get out of the way of mom’s wild pitches.  Then we got in a  good rhythm and I nearly had to pay for a new window at my neighbors!  Way to go Buddy!

It was a great morning!  We learned a number of things.  1. Mom is a better football catcher and thrower than baseball catcher and thrower.  2. Repeated squats are a great exercise.  3. Fastballs to the shins hurt….hurt a lot.  But the best thing I learned is…. 4. Spending time with the ones you love is the best way you can spend any minute on this earth.  I hope that my son will always remember that his mom was always there and supportive of him and that even when you’re not that great you can still give something your all and enjoy it.




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