Parenting Lectures….

I work at a school with behaviorally disordered student. Things happen at my job that don’t happen at other people’s jobs. Here’s more proof that the “kids say the darndest things.”

A student was crying to a teacher about a why he was upset at himself over his repeated mess ups. This was what I overheard….
‘…..If I don’t start doing better and get back into a better school, I won’t get into college; I won’t get a good job; and I’ll be stuck flipping burgers with a pregnant wife!’


I can just imagine the nightly lecture at this poor kids home! Hey parents, the good news is, he’s hearing and remembering every word you say. The bad news is, he’s still not getting it.

Parent lectures are interesting. We all hated them and rolled our eyes when war received them. Then as parents, despite all the ‘i’ll never do/say that with my own kids,’ we do. I know personally, I can just go on and on with a lecture, repeating the same phrases until my kids eyes actually roll out of their heads. No really, they do. I’m convinced that the only benefit of parent lectures is to ingrain them in our children’s heads for there future use with our grandchildren.


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