Feels just like I’m walking on broken glass…

Because I am.  You know that feeling when you darling child calls you into the bathroom and you go walking in there all “what, did you forget a towel again?” and step on a huge shard of broken glass??? No, you don’t?  Weird.  I must be the luckiest mom on the planet then.  My wonderful son decided that it wasn’t good enough to dunk his head under the water to rinse off his shampoo, nope.  He needed to take the glass toothbrush holder in with him as a rinse cup.  He learned an important lesson:  soapy hands + water = an extremely slippery surface making it difficult to hold on to said glass cup.  I learned some things too…. 1.  Stepping on glass hurts.  2.  Clear glass shards in a full, soapy tub are difficult to find.  3.  Even when you think you have found all of the pieces, the next time you clean out the tub, one with find you and lodge itself in your hand.  


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