This was not what I signed up for…

So why were we all in such a hurry to grow up?  I mean really.   I’m sure some well intentioned soul told me I would not REALLY get to do whatever I wanted as an adult, and I’m sure I ignored them.  “Whatever!  Adulthood will be awesome.  I’ll get to stay up late and do whatever I want with my time.”  Umm, no.  You’ll go to work all day with smart-ass delinquent children then come home and deal with children’s homework, hormonal preteen children, making dinner, changing laundry and answering questions for your accountant while you chase a dog and have your calls ignored by your overworked husband.  You’ll stare longingly at the book you wish you had time to read while nagging your children to do their reading time and launching into a tirade about how you wish you could have time to read.  You’ll flip through the paper and read movie reviews of movies you wish you could go to on a date night with your husband when the reality is you’ll only have time to pass by him at the coffee pot in the AM and will crash out next time him at midnight.  Yes, adulthood it some awesome.  Is it nap time yet?


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