July = Crabby

So we have hit that time of the year when “the crabbies” rear their ugly heads.  No school, lack of their regular schedule, sleeping late, staying up, endless swimming, extra TV, extra boredom = crabby, whinny children and short-tempered, impatient mom. I just wish that bored children was not the gateway to these evil demons that have invaded my house.  Maybe these snotty, eye-rolling ‘angels’ arrive every year to create that want to return to school and work.   Just this morning, I had to wake up each of my children for their swim team practice.  My 11-year-old, going on 18 and already has the teenage ‘i know everything’ attitude, daughter just sneered at me, rolling her eyes and huffing under her breath.  She was late, but, duh, I was the stupid one for reminding her that she was going to be late for practice.  My 9-year-old normally mommy’s cuddle boy almost bit my head off when I woke him up.  The boy who wants extra hugs and kisses, instead of good morning, snapped, “I told you not to wake me up!”

This is the time when, although they won’t admit it, their little bodies are screaming for bedtime, vegetables, brain stimulation, and sleep.  I’ve tried to keep them mentally stimulated and to stop the TV monster that wants to break out.  I require my kiddos to read 30 minutes everyday, practice those math skills, and try to do something different during each week. I’m mean and evil, I know.  I’ve been told by my children.  Our summer is usually always about the pool.  My kids are water babies.  They love going to the pool and I look forward to spending three months in the sun, lounging, reading, and recouping, to make me want to go back to work in August. I do try to throw in other places, zoo, park, sporting events, movies, plus educational stuff, museums, library, plays.  Sometimes it feels like such a chore to try to entertain them.  I do not remember my mom working so hard to do all these things.  We played in our rooms, by ourselves, without constant praise for stacking blocks.  She didn’t spend the summer dragging us places.  We go up, played with our things, played outside, went to the park without parents, rode bikes to the pool without parents.  We entertained ourselves.  Now there is this endless pressure to manufacture the perfect childhood and summer for our kids.  It’s exhausting!

Oh no, kids are arriving home from swim practice, time to argue over their reading time and then shuttle them off to the library.  They may be crabby, but that’s ok…. I have a loud radio in my vehicle!


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